BRI Research Institute Holds Online Training for MSMEs to Survive the Pandemic Period

BRI Research Institute -  BRI Research Institute (BRIRIns) remains consistently committed to advancing Indonesian MSMEs, one of which is by collaborating with the Bank BRI through BRIncubator to hold an online training themed "RERAMBAT PLANT: Medicinal Herbs and Herbs" on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

In this online training, Karyanto as Founder of and Murjiyanti as local heroes will be present as speakers who will share knowledge about the world of herbs and spices and experiences regarding herbal medicine.

"The back to nature movement has been echoed all over the world. This movement teaches people to switch from synthetic medicines to medicines made from natural (herbal) or what we know in Indonesia as traditional medicine or herbal medicine. So, the world community is aware of natural ingredients and of course, this is a tremendous potential for "said Karyanto, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

In line with this, Murjiyati with 35 years of experience selling herbal medicine also provides tips for marketing herbal products, “Don't be ashamed to sell herbal medicine, don't be underestimated. Jamu is very useful for health. So, it is better if other Indonesian MSMEs are enthusiastic about selling herbal medicine because it is much needed by all groups. " said Murjiyati.

BRI and the BRI Research Institute are committed to providing commodity-based online training to inspire this business with up to 12 editions throughout 2021.